6 of Our Favorite Uses for Squarespace Cover Pages

(with no extra cost)

One of the things we like most about Squarespace is the amount of features it has integrated.

Of all the things the platform has, Landing pages or Cover Pages (as they are called in Squarespace) are probably one of the best. This means you have the chance to create a Landing Page (or several) on your site without any extra installation or without using another type of software which will save you more money in the long run.

How Do Cover Pages Work In Squarespace?

Like almost everything in Squarespace, the page creation is based on pre-designed templates, and currently Squarespace has 30 different Cover Pages designs.

As it happens with the website’s templates, these are just a starting point, a guideline to lead you depending on the design / function you want for your site, but they are customizable with the options offered by the style editor.

Of course, the design is created to be responsive, so you don’t have to worry about being visited from a PC or a mobile device.


In which cases can the Squarespace Covers be used?

We are going to give you some examples that we’ve seen or developed with some pages:

In bilingual sites: Recently we’ve seen on Instagram several bilingual accounts, especially from stores. Creating multilingual sites in Squarespace is easy, and Cover Pages can help your visitor select their preferred language before entering your website ... of course this will improve the user experience and reinforce your brand as one that is detail oriented and have personalized service.

For a ‘thank you’ page: There are several mail services, like Mailchimp, that allow you to redirect the users to a specific URL once they have confirmed the subscription. This is highly recommended, because you can take that person to a place that provides something, instead of dealing it with the confirmation page after a plain subscription.

As a curtain to web redesign: Sometimes you need to set out on a complete website redesign, and you have to limit the navigation of those who arrive. But even in these cases it’s a good idea to give your visitors something to do so they can know you a little better or for keep them in touch. In these cases you can choose a Cover Page to explain what happens with your website and offer an incentive to sign up to your mailing list or contact you.

As a contact page: Maybe you offer some personalized service and its super important for your business model that any interested person get in touch with you directly. In these cases it may be a good idea to create a contact page with zero distractions and its here when the Squarespace Cover Pages come to the rescue. They can also be a good option in case you are redesigning your website (as we saw above) and want to encourage a potential client to hire you.

For an event registration: If you’re organizing an event like a conference, inauguration party, or a master class, you can use the Squarespace Cover Pages to create a clean registration page, with a suggestive image that covers the entire space, and that goes straight to the point. As Squarespace integrates with Mailchimp, it’s easy to attract subscribers.

As a landing page for any type of product / service: This applies especially when they are free offers, because for paid products it’s more advisable to have a sales page that meets all expectations, instead of a landing page (and with Squarespace you can also make some impressive and super easy sales page).


Interested in learning more about Squarespace cover pages and scaling your Squarespace design agency?

The Squarespace Cover Pages are a powerful tool on this platform. With them you can create clean and effective landing pages; easily and without any extra pay. Undoubtedly, it’s a consideration point towards Squarespace as a good choice for your business website


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