New Music Album Art Review - Kings Of Leon

 SoBro Creative, Nashville Digital Media Agency

Here at SoBro Creative we love music, and so we decided to start a series that reviews album artwork from new music EVERY FRIDAY! We are immensely pumped on this because many people review the music, which is amazing, but what about the art?!

Our first feature is - Kings Of Leon - Walls (We Are Like Love Songs)!! We are obsessed with this album cover.


First of just how this album cover was made is incredible. The plastic barbie doll faces of the band you see were molded by hand, and then dipped in the milky substance you see. It is incredibly minimal, but it makes a very strong statement.

The colors and the overall theme of the album communicate an incredibly simple feel that almost looks like the Apple of Rock N' Roll. It is so curious and sexy that it makes you want to listen to it. 

Just Some Rad Details

Main Font Used:

 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency

Colors Involved In Album Concept:

 SoBro Creative-Nashville Media Agency
 SoBro Creative-Nashville Media Agency
 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency

Rating: 9.5 / 10

(Disclaimer: We do not give 10/10 because there is always room for improvement ;) )