How To Make Great Money In College

 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency

First of all, I just want to say that this post is not going to be your stereotypical blog post, full of advice like “never pull all-nighters,” and “never go out drinking during the week.”

Most of us will never listen to that advice, anyway.

We all have pulled all-nighters, and most of us definitely have gone out drinking during the week. We will probably continue to do so, whether or not some blog says not to.

My goal with this post is to be as honest as possible, and hopefully inspire you to take the hard path, because that is the path that is sexiest and will reap a better reward.

Let’s begin. Just to give you a background, I do not have a 4.0 GPA, and I am definitely not an above-average student.

This past semester, I decided to drop down to being a part-time student because I found a great opportunity to work for a few start-ups here in Nashville.

I have acquired a solid work experience and the knowledge to launch my own creative agency, which you view at SoBroCreative.

At SoBro we help build products on the web, and help brands take their business to the next level. We specialize in web design, development, social-media marketing, and many other skills to help businesses perform better on the web. 

 I can now offer up my skills to more and more people. I’m so pumped on that. We just launched about a month ago, and so far we have made about $3,000. That’s not bad for two sophomore-almost-junior college kids.

There seems to be this notion that college kids in this generation are bound to be broke because we are going to be loaded with debt.

While yes, that is true, we will have shit-loads of debt, I still refuse to believe that many of us will be broke and living with our parents until we die.

This past year has shown me that if you are willing to put in the tedious hours, you can earn a lot of money, build yourself a great company, and have the freedom to build your skills WHILE STILL IN SCHOOL.

Some people may say I’m crazy, but it’s true, and it’s happening all around us.

The most important thing you have to recognize in order to make money as a student is that you must refine your specific skills as well as you can.

Whether it be photography, web design, video-production, etc., you have to make sure that the product you provide is worth the price you charge. The initial investment will be a pain, but the reward is so much better.

Here are few examples of people I personally know that are in school, and doing insanely well in their businesses as college students. (I will substitute their name with their profession.)

Photographer — There is a girl I personally know who is killing it in the photography game. Last time I talked to her she charged $60 for 30 minutes, and she has worked huge events here in Nashville.

She has acquired a massive Instagram following, and is in the process of building more businesses! — Bad ass.

Music Producer — Last summer, I was really lucky to meet a music producer who has an insane work ethic, and creates a really great product. He charges $350 a song, and is so good at his game that he sometimes has to turn down projects.

Anywhere from $200–$350 a song I’ve heard is standard just for recording in the music industry. If you do one song a week, you’re making above minimum wage, and doing what you love! — Bad ass.

Video Producers — I am very thankful to know a few guys here in town who have created an amazing video production company. They have made a great name for themselves, and they are always hustling their asses off doing video production, hosting live events, and creating great online content.

You can see them working around Nashville frequently, and they have a really interesting model. They charge anywhere from $150-$300 for a stripped-down recording of any musician’s single/song.

They are recording these at least once, if not twice, a day. Do the math; that is a pretty great business to be running in college. — Bad ass.

Web Designer — There is a guy I recently connected with in school who has been building websites professionally for about a year. We are both into the web design game, and he started telling me about this service he works with. Check it out at

By starting DesignLive, he now makes $75/hr., and usually only works about 3–4 hours a week. That is BONKERS!

He helps people all over the world, and gets to design websites via screenshare which is super dope! — Bad ass.

The gnarly characteristics that all these people have are the following: they are always on their grind, they love what they do, they provide excellent products for their customers, and they are working towards college degrees.

It seems that college students are supposed to be broke, but I beg to differ. I believe that you can build great skills in school, and make cash while doing it.

If all goes well, you may not even need to find a job when you graduate because you will be able to continue your own business full-time!

It sounds crazy, but I see it happen all the time. Don’t wait. get started on training videos you can find on, and!

There are so many resources out there for people to learn more about how to start businesses, and I have no doubt that you can kill it in college and start your own AT THE SAME TIME!


Your friendly neighborhood entrepreneur, Brendan Kennedy