How To Market On Snapchat - An Ongoing Case Study

The Beginning  

 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency

Snapchat has been evolving it's advertising product over the past few years, and just recently it seems that brands have decided to really start allocating time to promoting on the platform. Chipotle recently just launched an official show "School Of Guac" on the platform.

Granted, it is an initiative to earn back customer loyalty after their food caused hundreds of customers to become sick, but this is just the beginning of what we will start to see on Snapchat... which is exclusive content from brands that syncs with the platform nicely, and appeals to the current 13-35 year old demographic. 

Now, unless you have access to a large advertising budget, and the capacity to create the content you will not be able to take full advantage of Snapchat's marketing capabilities. 

There is one thing though that every single person can CAPITALIZE ON RIGHT NOW, and that is CUSTOM GEOFILTERS. 

At first we were a little skeptical about marketing on Snapchat simply because we did not understand it, but then we stumbled upon custom geofilters

Snapchat allows brands to create custom geofilters, and target specific areas. This is a marketer's dream for Snapchat promotion because you can target specific areas based on certain events or people that will engaging with that area. Did we mention it's cheap!

 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency

How we capitalized on Halloween

We knew that there were a lot of great events going on in Nashville, and so we decided to design a filter for the holiday. One of the events that we targeted was the Music City Booyah festival in town, and this what ended up happening. :) 

As you can see below for $12.92 We were able to get 1,136 views and 22 uses, and that is just in a short period of time.

 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency

 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency

We have plans to run targeted geofilters at specific Snapchat influencers over the next year. It is clear that older demographics are starting to use the platform. 

If we look at Instagram, and how currently the largest amount of selfies being taken are by 40-50 year old women, then it is safe to assume that eventually the same thing will happen to Snapchat. (It already is but not at scale) 

This platform is very crucial at the moment, and if you have not started experimenting with geofilters then you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Restaurants, coffee shops, small boutiques, etc. can really capitalize, and tap into the 13-35 year-old demographic simply because you are creating content that complements the platform and respects the user's habits.

With that being said we will be releasing a significant amount of Snapchat content over the next year, and will be documenting the process. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask via email!

If you are interested in hearing more about our Snapchat marketing endeavors over this next year contact us below!