Why Musical.ly Has A Chance, And Why You Should Be On It

Guten Tag! We have been experimenting with Musical.ly a lot recently, and we are really happy with the results. This is a quick blog post that breaks down the platform, and explains the immediate benefits of being on the platform.


Musical.ly is currently valued at $500 MILLION with a crap ton of users - 10 million a day to be exact. The main demographic is 7-18 years olds, and people like Baby Ariel have grown their personal brands to over 10 million followers. The app is still in the top 100 downloads on the App store.

 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency, Musical.ly

Why This Is Important And Why It Has A Chance In The Long Run

This is very fascinating because if we look at the trends with social media, people (especially teens) tend to gravitate towards a platform that they feel they can call their own, then their crazy parents finally figure out what it is, and they hop on it causing immense growth within the platform. 

Snapchat is a prime example. It started with a college demographic, the user base exploded, and now older generations are shifting towards so they don't feel old, and so they can see what their kids are doing. 

Musical.ly has the potential to create the same effect because of the demographic. Just think if you are a parent you would want to know where your kid is spending their time on the internet. Currently, for 7-18 year olds that is Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and now Musical.ly. 

Time To Start Experimenting

We saw the benefits of using Musical.ly early this year because of one feature. THE FEATURED FEATURE. Depending on how you structure your content, you have the ability to get on the featured section of musical.ly, which is one page of current trending videos.

This gives you massive exposure, and forces your video to now be seen in front of thousands upon thousands of people. Check it below with one of our clients Forrest Finn! 

If you add up the total number of likes on these two videos alone that equates to 72,188 likes NOT VIEWS. We do not even know how much views the video got because Musical.ly does not release that information. 

 SoBro Creative-Nashville Media Agency, Musical.ly
 SoBro Creative-Nashville Media Agency, Musical.ly

The Punch Line

Musical.ly is an app that has done a solid job of standing out by implementing features that make it fun for kids to use. It is almost like a game, which makes it addicting for the 7-18 year old demographic. We know how apps usually work. It is very easy to come and go, but if they are lucky enough to stay they will impact the world. Musical.ly has a chance, and if you are a musician or are trying to market to a younger demographic, I highly recommend you check it out. 

 SoBro Creative
 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency
 SoBro Creative - Nashville Media Agency