Blogging With Squarespace

Nowadays, creating a blog has become a lot easier, cheaper and faster. It has become possible because of so many software solutions that offer great features and one can even publish his own blog or website in just a few hours without the need of any programming knowledge.
However, deciding a blog platform is a bit time consuming and it has always been a topic of great debate.

Different people have their different perceptions regarding the best blogging platform but if you are not a tech-savvy person and want the most user-friendly blog platform through which you could create a beautiful and professional looking blog then there is nothing is better than Squarespace.

Squarespace offers beautiful templates which are professionally designed and are really easy to customize and you will get great customer support and it also offers domain names along with SSL/HTTPS. With just simple drag and drop tools, you can create a perfect blog for you.

Getting Started With The Squarespace Blog Platform

The first thing that you will have to do is to choose the right template for your blog. You can choose any template for blogging as per your choice; however, there are some that are specifically designed for blogging. Another thing that you might want to consider is whether or not you want a sidebar as not all templates allow for it. Templates that allow sidebar are Avenue, Bedford, Five, Frontrow, Dovetail, Forte, Ishimoto, Peak, Wexley, Galapagos, Montauk, and Wells.