Crucial Things You Need To Know About Squarespace

Squarespace is an integral service with which you can create and manage websites. In technical terms, it's a Content Management System, just like Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla. With Squarespace you can create different types of websites like blogs, online stores, or portfolios.

Normally, when you are going to create a website you need to buy the domain on one hand, the hosting on the other. With Squarespace you can build on the template that you are going to use, and then Squarespace will help take care of the hosting, domain, and SEO for you.

How much does it cost?

Squarespace is a paid service and has four plans that meet different needs:

Personal website (if you are starting and you still don’t know what you want to achieve with your project, this is a good option)

Business website (ideal for web services, portfolios or blogs)

Basic online store (with specific functionalities for online stores and do not charge you % per transaction)

Advanced online store (with extra functions for basic stores like automatic recovery of the shopping cart, gift cards, among others)

All plans include what we mentioned above (hosting, domain, template, etc.) and you can choose monthly or once a year subscription (this one it's cheaper).

Prices vary between 144 USD per year for the Personal Website plan, up to 480 USD per year for the advanced stores.


Squarespace works perfect with...

Entrepreneurs with creative businesses that need to exhibit their work, like photographers, illustrators, jewelers, artisans, florists, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, etc.

Entrepreneurs with businesses focused on general services such as copywriters, wedding planners, decorators, legal advisors, designers, etc. It's a big plus if you also sell products (physical or digital).

Businesses that need a website to provide information about their services like yoga studios, dance schools, galleries, small restaurants (squarespace have several functionalities to include menus and reservations), hairdressers, spa, etc.

Small stores (physical or digital products),

What Squarespace does not work for...

Squarespace is not for everyone and has its limitations, and there are certain cases in which it is better to opt for another platform:

Large Stores, with large inventories and need for funnels and specific/ complex marketing tools. If your case, better stay with an e-commerce specialized platform with powerful tools to manage hundreds (or even thousands) of products and give detailed follow-up to customers, like Shopify.

Digital academies that need to host their courses on their own website, and not on external services like Teachable, because it doesn’t allow (yet) users to create their own accounts.

Complex websites that need an extreme level of customization (Not only talking about the design but about the functionalities) or that require specific tools. In cases like this, better stay with Wordpress, or hire a Squarespace specialist to build out your requirements.

Websites for projects or hobbies that are not in a position to invest in a Squarespace plan, or that don’t have a clear medium term monetization plan for their website. If you are at that point, better stay with a free platform like or Blogger, or invest your money in a training program that allows you to better define your project and make it profitable in the medium term.


We would like to point out that this analysis may leave many interesting aspects about Squarespace. Therefore, the best choice to play with all the options offered and get familiar with the service is to go to the website and register in the 14-days trial period, without any commitment and without having a credit card. It is an interesting possibility, and almost unique, when creating your own blog/site.

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