10 Squarespace SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Rankings

Site optimization is one of the most important steps as it is the best way of driving more traffic to your website. When it’s about Squarespace then there is no need to worry about SEO because it already has a solid foundation of SEO. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t include some extra tips and tricks to your site to boost your search rankings. There are many simple things that you can do on your own so that you can attain the results faster. Here are the 10 tips that you must include in your site for better SEO –

(1)    Create SSL Version of your Site – Google had officially announced that it will give more preference to HTTPS sites over non-secured websites in the search results. SSL is Secure Socket Layer through which you can make your website secured. If you are wondering that it must be really difficult and it will require technical knowledge then you are absolutely wrong. In Squarespace, you can create the SSL version of your site in a second.

Just go to Settings -> SSL -> Security & SSL on.

If you are going to create SSL version for a brand new domain or for an existing non-secured site on Squarespace then there is nothing to take care of. But in case you are moving to Squarespace from another platform then it will be better if you firstly contact Squarespace support.

(2)   Register your site with Google & Bing – It is a common SEO tip that all users should follow whether they are on Squarespace or not.  In simple words, registering your site with Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console means that you are telling them that your site exists and crawlers should be able to find it. While registering, make sure that you register all versions of your site i.e. both secured (https://) and non-secured (http://) versions and www (www.domainname.com) and non-www (domainame.com) versions.  

(3)    Submit Site Map – After registering your site with Google and Bing, the next important step is to submit the XML sitemap to them. With this, the services will be able to index your website quickly and accurately. Squarespace automatically generates the sitemap and you just need to give this link to Google and Bing. To get sitemap URL of your Squarespace site –

Go to Dashboard and then click “sitemaps”.

                The sitemap URL will be something like this – www.domainname.com/sitemap.xml

(4)    Ensure your pages load faster – Page loading speed is another important aspect considered by search engines in site ranking. Sites which load faster are given much preference than the slower ones. Even though you will have to use Squarespace’s server and templates instead of your own code, still there are many things that you can do to improve the page speed such as –

o   Upload small size images to your site or you can use compression tools to reduce the size of larger images

o   Try to have the minimum usage of custom code or external scripts

o    Don’t use much larger fonts

o   Always try to use SSL version of your site (if possible)

o   Enable AMP feature on your Squarespace site. AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages; enabling this feature will load your pages much faster on mobile search engine results

(5)    Format page titles – Search engines find titles as the key information while indexing page. Therefore make sure that you write a perfect page title. Include the most searched keyword phrases in your title but make sure that those keywords are related to your content and you are including them seamlessly. There are thousands of keyword research tools which will provide you all the information related to them. If you want to add or edit the title of your page in Squarespace go to –

Pages section -> hover over the page -> click cog icon and then page settings pop up box will appear. Then just add the page title in the page title field.

(6)    Give proper Headings – Proper heading is often ignored by most of the people and thus your whole page will just look boring and awful. According to a study, 75% of people skim through the blog or site, therefore if your page will not have proper headings then you will definitely lose most of your readers because they will have to spend lot of time on your page looking for the information they want. Therefore, you must give proper, informative and attractive headings in your page and do divide your blog as per H1, H2 or H3 heading formats. You can also highlight the important points in your content.

(7)    Add Meta description – Meta descriptions are not actually a part of Google’s ranking system but CTR is. The Meta description is the summary of your page that will appear under your site title in search engine results. Nowadays, people do not only click any site with just attractive titles but they look for the short description as well so that they can know what’s actually on the site. Therefore, if you will write a proper Meta description then chances of clickthroughs to your site will increase. As CTR is considered by Google so your site ranking will eventually improve.

There are different ways in Squarespace through which you can add the Meta Description. It is actually called as Excerpt in Squarespace, so if you are a new bee then you might not recognize that this is actually Meta description field. To add a Meta description, go to –

Post -> Click Edit -> Settings -> Write description in Excerpt field

(8)    Add alt text to images – Not many people add alt text to the images because they don’t know the actual usage of it. Alternate text allows screen readers to show the description of the image to those users who are visually impaired. Search engines also use it to categorize the content. The most common use of it is that if due to any reason your image will not load then readers will get to know the description.

(9)    Use proper URL structure – When it comes to the URL, Google always encourages clean, simple and relevant structures. Squarespace automatically generates clean URLs but in case of certain blog posts, it will be better to reconsider them. Below are the examples of good and bad URLs –



Check out the difference between the two URLs by yourself and you can easily figure out which one is simple and which one is not.

In Squarespace, you can easily change the post URL. Just go to the post-> Click Edit -> then go to Options tab. In the Post URL field, enter the URL you want and then click Save.

(10) Create great content and backlinks – As all know that content is king so there is no doubt that you will have to write the great content for your website not just because of SEO but it is the only thing because of which readers will visit your site. Another SEO strategy is the backlinks but you have to use them very wisely to drive traffic to your site. The best option is to do guest posting on your favorite and popular blogs in return for the backlinks to your own site.