How to connect a third-party domain to your Squarespace website

It’s really important to have a unique, simple and relevant domain name for your website because with this users will be able to recognize or remember your site and they will visit again to your site just by entering the simple domain name they remember. Even though Squarespace offers a complete package for its customers where you can buy the domain name as well but if in case you have purchased the domain name from a third party say GoDaddy, Hover etc. then you can also connect that domain to your website easily by following some simple steps.

Before proceeding, there are few things that you need to keep in mind and have to prepare yourself according to following steps –

ü  After following all the steps, keep your domain registered with your provider so that it can be connected to your Squarespace site.

ü  You must have full access to DNS from your service provider. If you don’t then you will have to transfer the domain to another provider.

ü  You will need default nameservers of your domain provider.

ü  Your Squarespace site must be in the trial or paid version. If it is expired then you will not be able to connect third-party domain.

ü  All third-party domains can only be connected with the homepage and not to any specific page of your site.

ü  A custom domain cannot be added to the Squarespace site.

ü  Sometimes domain contains special characters which might not display properly on all the browsers. In that case, it will be reformatted to display it properly.

Squarespace offers some features also when you will connect your site to a third part domain such as -  

·         You will be able to use your email account that is linked to your new domain.

·         You can connect your site to as many custom domains as you want.

Follow these steps to connect your site to a third party domain –

(1)           Open Domain Panel

Go to Home Menu -> Settings -> Domains

You can also search domains and press ? key when a panel is already open.

(2)           Link your Third Party Domain

In the “Use a Domain I own” dialog box, enter your full domain name in the domain name field and then click on continue button.

Then click on “Connect from Provider” button.

Then you will see another related screen; select the name of your domain provider from the dropdown. If in case your service provider is not in the list then select “Other” and then click on Connect Domain.

You will see a message in the popup box. Click Okay to continue.

(3)           View DNS Settings

Once you have connected your domain, a new panel will be displayed on the screen which will contain the records and you will have to enter that data in your provider account so that your domain can be connected to Squarespace.

You can check these DNS settings later also by going to Settings and then open Domains.

(4)           Add CNAME Record

While entering that record in your domain account, also add the CNAME record.

In the Squarespace settings of DNS, copy the unique code from the first line that will appear below the host column.

In your DNS provider, you need to create CNAME with values – Host name, record type and points to.

Similarly, add the second CNAME Record. This record will point to  

(5)           Add the A Record

The last four lines of the settings of your Squarespace DNS, you will see IP addresses. So create four A record matching with the Squarespace DNS. It is mandatory that your provider must accept Host name, if it does not then it will be better to leave that provider.

(6)           Refresh

Once you have changed all the records, and then refresh your settings of Squarespace DNS. The column “Current Data” will be updated and it will then show if the records entered are correct or not. It can even take 72 hours to process this information.

(7)           Wait & Test

If the records entered are all correct then the process to connect domain to your site will start and you domain can either connect to your site within 24 hours or it can go up to 72 hours. To check the progress you can go to Domains Panel.

When the domain is linked, test it by yourself and on multiple devices. You can ensure that the domain is completely connected by checking if Connected label is shown in the domain panel or not.

(8)           Troubleshoot

In another case, if your records will not be added successfully then you will see a message “Can’t verify domain membership”. To solve this issue, use checker tool of DNS. With this you can find the exact CNAME and record through which you can fix the domain provider.