Steps for a more Customer Friendly E-Commerce Store

There are numerous options available by which you can create your E-Commerce store but choosing the right one can be bit difficult task.  There are many people who have created their online stores but are not happy with their platform but still they keep on using it because they feel that creating another store will again take a lot of time and efforts. If you are in this kind of a situation then there is the right E-Commerce platform for you which is Squarespace.

Squarespace has numerous E-Commerce features and the best part is that it is the easiest platform to use. You can easily migrate from another platform such as Shopify to Squarespace and all the data including customers, products, categories, orders etc. can easily be transferred in just few simple steps. In Squarespace, you can customize almost every single thing. There are some features of E-Commerce stores that you must include to make it, even more, customer friendly and they are -

(1) Set Product Variations – There are already thousands of online stores with so many features and options, so your target should be to include all those features along with an extra touch. Whenever customers are searching for a particular product, give them some variations to them. For example – If a customer searches for a T-Shirt then he should also be able to select a particular size, color etc. This feature will let them find the product easily and therefore, they will not have to scroll down hundreds or thousands of products to pick a single T-Shirt.

Obviously, this feature is really beneficial for your customers but it’s equally easy for you to manage it in the backend. You can easily select which product variations you want to add for products and which don’t.

(2) Upload High Quality Images – In E-commerce business, customers cannot touch the product and can’t try the product and the only thing they can view are the product images. Therefore, it should be your topmost priority to upload high-quality images of products. Even if you will have to spend some extra bucks for this, go for it because only nice images will help in driving sales.

(3) Create coupons – Squarespace also gives you an amazing feature in which you can create coupons for your customers. Such kinds of deals or coupons have always helped in the sales growth and customers also stay active on your site to look for new deals. Customers can use these coupons on check out.

You can create different kinds of coupons in Squarespace such as free shipping coupons, flat rate coupons for shipping and coupons for orders within certain amount. You can also set the expiry date for the coupons.

(4) Easy Navigation – Customers should get easily what they want. If they will have to spend so much time on your site figuring out how to find products and how to do order then the chances are that you will lose most of the customers. As there are different types of categories involved in e-commerce sites, therefore, it will be better if you can add drop menus for easy navigation.

(5) Add different shipping options – There are only few sites which give different shipping options to its customers and Squarespace has this feature. With Squarespace you can run your business worldwide and thus if you will give different shipping options to your customers then they will really find this feature attractive. These shipping options will be created by you and they are automatically applied at checkout. The shipping options offered by Squarespace are Flat Rate, Carrier Calculated, Rates by weight and Free Shipping.

(6) Automatic Email notification for Sales confirmation – In any E-Commerce business, this is a must-have feature. When the customer has placed the order from your site then he will get a confirmation mail regarding the order. This ensures the customer that his order has been placed. Moreover, when the product will be packed, shipped and delivered, emails related to the whole process should be sent to the customer. You don’t need to send these emails manually to every single customer because all the emails in Squarespace are automatically sent to the customers. Therefore, you must enable this function in your site.

(7) Automatic Newsletter with MailChimp – Many people would have heard about MailChimp. If you are not familiar with it, then here’s the simple explanation of it. MailChimp is used to send promotional and customized emails and newsletters in bulk. It is one of the most famous tools for email marketing and the best part is that MailChimp is integrated with Squarespace.  So, by enabling this feature, all your existing and new customers will be automatically signed up for your newsletters.

You can schedule the newsletters emails and they will be automatically sent to the customers at that particular time.

 (8) Enable “Out of Stock” function - What’s best in Squarespace is that you don’t need to be a developer to manage your e-commerce site and you have all the control in your hand and every feature is very easy to enable or disable. Whenever you will be adding products, you will need to enter the stock numbers of particular product too and whenever any purchase is done the stock number automatically decreases. In most of other sites, whenever a product goes out of stock, they remove it from the list but in Squarespace you can simply show “out of stock” label on the products which are no longer available with you.

 (9) Simple Checkout Process- Even though Squarespace has a very easy checkout process but still there are few custom features that can be added to the checkout process. The focus should be to create the easiest checkout process so that customers can place orders in seconds.

(10) Full Disclosure – If any new customer will visit your site then they must be looking for your policy and other terms and conditions. The three must general concerns that customers generally have are related to Privacy, Add-on Charges and Order Returns. Therefore, you need to share all your policies on your site.