Two Must Ask Questions to Answer When Picking Out Your New Squarespace Template

The confusion that users face with Squarespace is that they have so many template options to choose from, so they cannot decide a perfect template for their site. This is because all the templates of Squarespace are equally beautiful and professionally designed. But the confusion can be solved through these questions.

Question – 1 What is the main purpose or goal of your website?

The very first question that you must ask yourself is about the goal of your website i.e. for what purpose you are actually creating your website. Generally, the site consists of these three categories – Information, Images, and E-commerce. So, firstly you need to finalize the purpose of your site. Once you have this answer clear in your mind, it will become a lot easier for you to pick the template as Squarespace itself has categorized templates as per particular website niche. 

Overall, choosing the right template will depend on your taste, goal, and content.

Suppose you want to create an E-Commerce site then you will have to focus on a template that will display your products in the best way.

If you want to showcase your designs or projects, then you should focus on a template which will look visually good so that your designs can attract others easily. So, look for a template with more images feature.

Blogging websites are becoming quite famous these days and Squarespace is just perfect for blogging. If you are thinking to create this website, then you must look for templates which will have a sidebar. (Please note that not all blogging templates have sidebar). You can also customize sidebar also along with your site.

In case, you would like to change your template then that is also possible. Not only this, you can switch as many times as you would like to and there will be no fear of losing your content. So, you don’t need to worry at all about the template but keep one thing in mind that whenever you will be switching your template make sure the other template has the features that you are looking for. Sometimes, your current template has some feature which other template does not have. So that’s the only thing you will have to be careful.

Question – 2 What are the features that a website must have?

Once you are clear with your website goal, there are few things that you must include in your website.

Gallery Pages – If you are creating a website which will include images or galleries then must include gallery pages in your site. There are many templates which have unique designs of gallery pages.  If in case your chosen template does not have this feature then you can use gallery blocks because they will also serve the same purpose.

Index Pages – Index pages are very useful to have on the website. These allow you to organize content from various pages into a single collection. These pages are really helpful for business or project related websites, portfolio and much more. If your chosen templates do not have index pages then you can use summary blocks as an alternative to index pages.

 Product Images – For E-Commerce websites, product images are the must-have feature. All commerce-focused templates support product images feature but some templates will have some additional features as well. Product blocks can also be used instead of product images.

Blogging – If you are a blog lover then you will have lots of template options in Squarespace. In a blogging site, you must have features like sidebar, featured posts, promoted blocks, about the author, categories etc. Squarespace has many examples for blogging templates, so just chose the one whose design and look you like the most.

Social Icons – Whatever will be the type of your website, social icons are required on every site because every website or business whether professional or non-professional wants to connect with people so that along with the promotion of their brand, they can also get to know people’s reaction regarding their business. Therefore, social icons are really important to display on your website so that users can easily follow you everywhere. Most of the templates do support social icons like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but in different templates, the size and location of icons will vary as per the design of the template.

Navigation Bar – All the Squarespace templates come with navigation bar but their designs will be different i.e. in different templates the navigation bars will be placed at different places. Some templates even have secondary navigation menus. You can customize the navigation bar by adding additional links.

Footer and Sidebar – You will not find sidebars in every template. You can use sidebars on all or some specific pages as per your need. Similarly, footers are also supported by few templates and even some templates give you the option to use two footers in your site.

Therefore, must consider the above answers and it will become a lot easier for you to decide the best template as per your needs.