How to create multi-lingual site in Squarespace?

Most of the websites that are created are built for the international audience and most of them are built in English. Even though English is the most widely used language but still there are many people out there who cannot understand or read English. Therefore, creating a multi-lingual site will be the best option for your business. This way you will be able to connect with a large number of audience and your business will grow even more.

To create a multi-lingual site, duplicate pages with every language will be created and customers will be able to navigate in their own language. By default, the built-in text like form fields, dates etc. will remain in one language but you can change this by updating your site language. For example, suppose you chose English as your site language then by default all the built-in text will appear in English only and if you will choose Spanish then everything will be shown in Spanish language only. If in case you want that your site should have different built-in text options then the only option with you will be to create different sites with different languages and then link them together. (Please note that you will be billed separately for each site)

Basic Structure

Where all other site’s structure is generally based on template, content, modifications, taste etc, while in multi-lingual Squarespace site –

o   You will have a collection of pages that are written in each language.

o   There will be a homepage that will be linked to every version of the website.

o   Link for each page (in different languages) will be shown in the dropdown so that viewers can easily navigate.

Best Template

A multi-lingual site can be created in any language but still, there are few selected templates that are mainly recommended by Squarespace and they are –

Adirondack – This template already has on-page navigation bars.

Brine Family Templates – You can use any template from Brine family such as Nueva. This template offers you multiple navigations and long index pages.

Pacific Family Templates – These family templates also have long index pages.

If you have chosen Nueva template for your site then follow these points exactly. If you have chosen any other field then the steps will also be similar but with slight differnces.

Plan & Translate Content

It’s better to plan at first regarding your site navigation so that your time will not be wasted. Before building your site, you will have to create content for your site according to different languages. Even though Squarespace has different tools for organizing and designing your site but still full language translation is not available.

Add Homepage

 This is the most important section for a multi-lingual site. Create an effective and attractive cover page that will help viewers to understand your site. It should also contain buttons that will lead to different sections of language. To create such cover page –

o   Firstly, add a cover page in the Non Linked section.

o   As for now, the default style should be chosen.

o   You can set cover page, regular page or index page as your homepage.  Therefore, choose the one as per your choice.

Create Dropdown Menus

Delete the demo pages and then create dropdown menu which will have links for each language.

o   Go to Main Navigation -> + icon -> Add folder. Give the same name to the folder as with the language. For example, for a site in the French language, give folder name as French.

o   Keep on adding folders like this for different languages.

o   Add links

Add Pages

To add different pages to your site as per the different language, you will have to add pages for that.

o   Go to the first folder which you just created and then click + add pages.

o   Likewise, add another page which will be the second version in another language.

o   Make sure that the URL and titles of pages for each language should be even.

o   You can also create custom pages with images, videos, text, forms, audio. You can even use collection page by which you can create album, blog, calendar, gallery or store.

Design Homepage

Now its time to design your page, to design it –

o   Click on the page title.

o   Add buttons that will contain links to the first page in each language’s folder.

o   In case you are using Index or Regular page, you can either add button blocks or links to connect together the landing pages.

Final Touches

Once you have set up your site, the last thing is to give a final touch to your site.

o   To style your website, you can use style editor.

o   If your template contains footer or sidebar then add content to it.

o   As per the chosen template, your template will have different features so make sure to use all those features properly to take full advantage of your template.