Squarespace Updates of Product in May 2018

Every month Squarespace updates products to improve them so that users can get more benefit from it. Below are some of the updates of Squarespace products in the month of May 2018 -

Update in Code Block – Earlier you could not do updates in the code block in the personal plan. Most of the users were facing difficulties because of this and Squarespace was getting a lot of feedback regarding the inability to update code blocks in the personal plan. Therefore, Squarespace has now allowed users to do customization in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and in plain text. However, iFrame and JavaScript will still be limited to the Business plan only. 

Did you know that you can downgrade your plan and get the refund for that also? Yes, it’s absolutely true. If you want to downgrade your plan say from business to personal then you can and the remaining days that you will have in your business plan, you will get the refund for those remaining days. Please note that there will be no refund for already used days.

Instagram Products – Everyone knows that Social Media has become one of the main methods of marketing, no matter what kind of business you have. Moreover, 60% of world population is active on Social Media Platforms. So just think how much profitable it can be for your business if you will use Social Media effectively. Keeping this point in mind Squarespace has launched a great feature. Now customers having their online Squarespace stores can tag their products from their stores to their Instagram posts. You can find this feature in the advanced and commerce basic plan.

If you are having a great social media following or thinking to focus on it in the future then this feature will be of great use to you.

To use this feature, you need to set up social media accounts in Squarespace. Once it is done then an approval will be received from the Instagram and then you will find the option to tag products in your Instagram business account.

Whenever you will tag a product then Instagram users will be able to view the product details and they can click on “Buy Now” button which allows users to buy your products without making them leave the app. If you are not having many followers then this feature will also help you to gain more followers and more sales.

Squarespace has set eligibility criteria for this, so you must read all the terms and conditions for this carefully.

Customized Newsletter – Newsletters are really important part of email marketing and Squarespace gives you the option where viewers can subscribe to your newsletters at the checkout. Now the best part is that you can even customize them. You can connect the checkout to the MailChimp. You can customize the text in the Checkbox Label according to you.

More Cookie Control – You now have more cookie control in your hands. Squarespace makes use of cookies so that it can provide you with the best experience and you can thus learn more about your traffic. You can now add cookie banner on your site to inform visitors that your site makes use of cookies. You can even restrict or disable analytics cookies.

Terms of Service – Squarespace also make modifications in its terms of service.  As per the new update, users who are living in Ireland are also not exempted from VAT collection. VAT is a value-added tax on the services and goods for residents who are living in European Union.

Requesting Refund – There is some situation when a refund is not automatically issued, therefore, Squarespace has created a new Refund Form. If you believe that you should have got a refund but have not got then you can request for the refund from this refund form. Squarespace customer support will review your application and most probably will respond back in next 2 business days.

Google Search Keywords – Squarespace has integrated Google Search Keywords which will allow you to identify the keywords which are driving traffic to your site. To start it, you just need to verify your site with the Google Search Console using new streamlined process. Within 72 hours of this registration, data will start populating in the Google Search.

Auto-Generated URLs – For better customer’s privacy, now Squarespace generates site IDs. It’s helpful for built-in domains if there are two random words in place of customer’s name.