Most Common Squarespace Blocks

Squarespace blocks are actually the base for your website. You can experiment with different blocks to create the site you want as you can move, combine and customize them easily. Squarespace has many different kinds of blocks for different purposes for your site. Each block will give a different look to the site. Here are the most common and popular Squarespace blocks that are really helpful for any kind of website. So if you have not tried them yet in your site, try now –

      Basic Blocks – There are some blocks that are categorized by Squarespace in its basic blocks category as they are used in almost every site (no matter the site is a blog, business website or an e-commerce store). These blocks include –

Text Block – Which website does not need a text? Obviously, every website needs text.  With the text block, you can add headings, links, quotes, pre-formatted texts, and lists. That means it has a complete editor in itself just like Word in which you have all the options to edit your content like bold, italic, fonts, alignment options and so on.

Markdown – This block is again related to the text in which you can add text to the site in Markdown language. As like text block, it also allows you to add links, block quotes, lists, and italic and bolded text.

Quote – Many times, we need to emphasize on some specific line so what can be better than a quote to represent it? With this block, you can add testimonials and styled quotes on your site.

Video – You would have seen in many websites there is a video placed in it which is even a better idea to attract the audience. Therefore, if you also would like to add a video in your site then you can do it with video block but you cannot upload a video to it as Squarespace does not support that. You will have to provide the link of your video that will be hosted on an external platform such as YouTube, Wistia, Animoto or Vimeo.

Audio – You can add any single audio file into your page. Unlike video tag, you can upload any audio file from computer or can also use an external link.

Spacer – It’s very important that your content should look visually appealing therefore, it should have proper spacing. This block lets you make the adjustment in the empty space between the blocks. It’s pretty useful to create white spacing and padding. Not only this, you can also resize other blocks and images with this.

Line – If you want to break the text to make it look organized for the audience then you can add line block. This will add horizontal HTML line <hr> to the content. Not just in the main content, you can even use it with footers, pages, sidebars, and posts.

Buttons – You can add call-to-action buttons in your site which you can connect to different content on your own site or any external content and even a downloadable file.

      Image Blocks – Almost every single page needs an image to make it look appealing to the audience. There are lots of design options for the image block in Squarespace such as –

Poster – This design option allows you to add text over your image.

Card – This gives you different alignment options through which either you can place text either on the left or the right of your image.

Overlap – To create partially overlapping images with text on one and image on another, you can use overlap option.

Collage – Did you know that you can create a collage as well in Squarespace? With this, you can place an image on one side and the text on another overlapping image.

Stack – In the most common designs, the text is displayed below the images so this design option will let you create that.

      Gallery Block – To add multiple images or videos to your site, gallery blocks are really useful. You can add images, getty images, can embed videos or you can even show content from any other existing gallery block. There are four different types of gallery blocks in Squarespace. They are –

Carousel Gallery – To add images or videos in a horizontal strip, you can use carousel gallery block.

Grid Gallery – To add images or videos in a symmetrical grid, use this gallery block.

Slideshow Gallery – To show images and videos in a slideshow is a great way to showcase your pictures or projects.  

Stack Gallery – You can add a column of multiple images or videos with this gallery block.

      Summary Block – For a complete magazine-style layout, you can use summary blocks for your blog posts, gallery, products etc. Summary blocks are quite popular and used a lot because of its numerous benefits such as they will highlight your blog pages, on-sale products, blog posts, events. It lets you change the whole layout without much change. Squarespace has 4 different summary blocks but their usage is same in all the templates –

Wall Summary – It will place your content in the masonry-style grid. It’s similar to Pinterest that’s why this style is getting quite popular nowadays.

List Summary – It’s perfect to show images and text on your site. Images will appear on one side and text on the other.

Carousel Summary – If you want to use navigation feature then you can go for this block. It will let visitors scroll through your featured content.

Grid Summary – For the symmetrical grid, you can use this block.

These were some commonly used blocks but the list of total blocks used in Squarespace does not end here. There are still numerous blocks left such as Filter blocks, Commerce Blocks, Chart Blocks, Social Blocks, Map Blog and so on. Just go for the blocks as per your site needs and customize them accordingly.